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“Ramanujan 1729 x 10” World Record event on Magic Squares on the Date of Birth of Srinivasa Ramanujan on 22-12-2022

I conducted a mega World Record event at Madurai with the participation of 1,729 students of the Mannar Thirumalai Nayakar college in Madurai making 17,290 individual date-of-birth Magic Squares to the date of birth of the Great Indian Mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan (22nd December 1887).

This mega World Record event the was certified by Kalam’s World Records based in Chennai.

This is the most fitting tribute to the Great Indian mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan on his 135th birth anniversary celebrated worldwide.

Kalam's World Record Certificate - Awarded to Mr. Jothilingam T. R
Kalam’s World Record Certificate – Awarded to Mr. Jothilingam T. R
Award Ceremony after the Event

Here is a video which covers the event (audio is in native language Tamil though).

Srinivasa Ramanujan’s 102nd Remembrance Day 26-4-2022

Honoring the Great Indian Mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan on his 102nd Remembrance day — An Unique Puzzle by

This is a Unique Puzzle that makes magic squares for his date of Birth on 22-12-1887 and for his 102nd Remembarance day, today(26-4-2022)

On Left side we are having a brown color magic square for 22-12-1887 giving a total of 139 in all vertical, Horizontal and both diagonals.

On the right side we are having a light green color magic square for 26-4-2022 giving a total of 174 in all vertical, Horizontal and both diagonals.

And the balance squares are filled with compensatory numbers.

The final form is a 9 x 9 Magic square is giving a total of 313 in all vertical, Horizontal and both diagonals.

How to make the Number puzzle

Some of my friends asked about the procedure for doing the above puuzzle.

Just look into the pattern closely for two or three times.

All yellow numbers are written on clockwise and the blue squares are filled with anti clockwise.

Now check the total of two blue squares and in between yellow square.

Adjust some the numbers in the begining to come at the total correctly.


Now let the required total be 2025.

Deduct 369 from the 2025, you will get 1656

Since the total 369 is the addition of 3 squares, divide 1656 by 3, you will get 552.

Now add 552 in all the squares. the total of two blue squares and in between yellow square. you will get 2025

The format 1 to 210 will give a total of 369 and you have added 3 x 552, you will get 369 + 1656 = 2025.

Circular Number Puzzle from 1 to 1000 A Unique way– Part Three

In continuation of the number puzzles, a new puzzle was done by me on 8-2-2022.

All numbers from 1 to 1000 are utilised in this puzzle and any three continuous squares ( two brown squares and one Blue square in between will give the same total of 1752 at any given point.

I thank the Almighty for giving me the idea, conducted me, guided me to complete the NEW BIGGEST CIRCULAR NUMBER PUZZLE.

Number puzzle — A unique way (Part Two) Honoring The great Indian Mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan’s 135th Birth Anniversary in a Unique way

The entire world is celebrating the 135th Birth year of the famous Indian Mathematician Srinivasa Ramanaujan. On this occassion we proudly submit a new idea/ puzzle that gives a total of 135

In the above puzzle, count any three successive (two blue squares and one brown square in between) throughout the round, you will get 135

Concept, Design and execution by T.R.Jothilingam, Retired Railway Station Superintendent, Madurai, South India.

Receipient of Ramanujan Award in India in 2016.

Done Five Maths World Records in Sept 2017

Got First place in a worldwide puzzle contest in 2014

Got “Top 100 Maths Genius Award in December 2017

Number Puzzle – A new way

Recently I had an opportunity to see a Heptagonal Puzzle done by the Famous Mathematician Henry Dudeney (1847 – 1930).

It is a puzzle with seven sides and each meeting point and the middle of the line are placed with some numbers. The numbers are so arranged that any two numbers on two continuous points and one middle number betwwen them will always give a total of 26.

As a puzzle lover it attracted me to expand this puzzle in a bigger way.

In my first attempt after so many trail and errors I made my first puzzle with numbers 1 to 22 with total of 40

Then I expanded it from 1 to 46 with a total of 82

Now I made a Biggest one successfully with all numbers from 1 to 210 with a total of 369, and it is in a zig zag form with the same concept.

Hope you can enjoy and get some idea and enjoy Maths in a easy way.

Best of luck, kindly go through my website

Finding the DAY for any given DATE

Finding the DAY for any given DATE

1) Let the given date is 14-7-2021.

2) The formula is [ K + { (M-2) x 2.6 – 0.2 } + C/4 + D/4 +D-2C] divided by 7

3) Where K is the date M is the month C is the century D is the last two digit of the year

4) [ 14 + { (7-2) x 2.6 – 0.2} + 20/4 + 21/4 + 21 – 40 }] divided by 7

if M – 2 is zero or -1 ( Feb or Jan) , less one from the year ( D ) and add 12 months to month M.

Drop all the residuals/fractions in all cases and take the whole number only

5) [ 14 + 12.8 + 5 + 5 + 21 – 40] divided by 7

6) {14 + 12 + 5 + 5 + 21 – 40) divided by 7

7) 17 / 7 = 2 and 3/7

If the reminder comes ZERO, it is SUNDAY. 1/7 means MONDAY, 2/7 means Tuesday, 3/7 means WEDNESDAY, 4/7 means THURSDAY, 5/7 means FRIDAY AND 6/7 means SATURDAY.

Hence 14-7-2021 is Wednesday .

9) Try for other dates also.

By T.R.Jothilingam,Retd.Railway Station Supt., Madurai



Sudoku is one among the latest crazy puzzle followed by many people throughout the world.

Worldwide the sudoku is being played with Numbers 1 to 9.

I have done so many different kinds of sudokus.

Diagonal sudoku

Multiplication sudoku

Diamond shaped sudoku

Zero sudoku

Fractional Sudoku

Encrypted Sudoku

and Sudoku for year

This sudoku 1953 satisfies all conditions of normal sudoku.

All the 3 x 3 small squares will give a total of 1953. All vertical, all Horizontal and additionally BOTH DIAGONAL totals are also gives 1953


Many different kinds of magic squares available throughout the world.

Upside down Magic square is one among them.

If you view this as shown below, this magic square will give a total of 24 in all Vertical, Horizontal and both Diagonal.

If you turn to 180 degree ( upside down) and then also it will give the same total of 24 in all Vertical, Horizontal and both diagonals.

I have done a 120 x 120 upside down Magic square.


There are so many other mind boggling games in the Chess Board, other than playing chess.

Some of the puzzles are given below

In a 8 x 8 Chess Board, you can put a maximum of 8 Queens ( each one is to be treated with the power of QUEEN).

One of the position is given below. There are 8 Queens available and check and satisfy by yourself that they are not cutting each other .

Believe. There are 92 different methods available. Try by yourself to find out more methods. Enjoy the new experience

64 knight(Horse) movement in a chess board. It is one of the hardest puzzles that can be solved by the Human Brain.

It is very tough to do, but it is possible.

Draw a 8 x 8 squares in a paper with Ballpoint pen and start writing 1,2,3 etc with a pencil. Start number one anywhere and continue the next number in a knight move method, till you are reaching 64.

See the magical thing in the picture given below. In the outer ring all the diagonally opposite numbers are having a difference of 6. Also in the second inner ring also the diagonally opposite numbers are giving a difference of 6 excepting 10 and 64

Some of my students ( Eighth Standard – 13 years) in Madurai have done more than 10 different methods. You can find infinite ways of doing this. Best wishes.


There are eight pieces available in the first row of the Chess Board.

They are One King, One Queen, two Bishop (camel) and two Knight (Horse) and two Rook (Elephant).

With these Eight pieces, when placed in some proper positions, they will guard all the sixty four squares with their own power. Please check and satisfy by yourself.

Once again, there are so many different methods available. Try to do it more and more methods

64 King move in a chess Board and 8 x 8 Magic square

In the following chess board, one King starts from number one and make 64 moves and completes his journey without any break.

Finally, if you add the numbers it will give a total of 260 in all vertical, Horizontal and both diagonals. Yes. It is a 8 x 8 Magic square also.

Try for other methods also.