Number Puzzle – A new way

Recently I had an opportunity to see a Heptagonal Puzzle done by the Famous Mathematician Henry Dudeney (1847 – 1930).

It is a puzzle with seven sides and each meeting point and the middle of the line are placed with some numbers. The numbers are so arranged that any two numbers on two continuous points and one middle number betwwen them will always give a total of 26.

As a puzzle lover it attracted me to expand this puzzle in a bigger way.

In my first attempt after so many trail and errors I made my first puzzle with numbers 1 to 22 with total of 40

Then I expanded it from 1 to 46 with a total of 82

Now I made a Biggest one successfully with all numbers from 1 to 210 with a total of 369, and it is in a zig zag form with the same concept.

Hope you can enjoy and get some idea and enjoy Maths in a easy way.

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