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Article in The Hindu – In pursuit of puzzles

I was featured in The Hindu today.

Is maths fun? There may be some who reply positively but it bears a dull reputation among many others. But if the numbers are interspersed in puzzles and mind games, it is sure to kindle interest amongst children. Encouraging children to approach the subject with ease is what station master T.R. Jothilingam does. He has a passion for the mind games, puzzles, Sudoku and more. He began to deal with numbers a decade ago and set up his first magic square then. As he dealt more with them he found a great satisfaction in completing them. He has set up odd number magic squares, 4×4 magic square (total 34), special magic squares, an upside down magic square (it is a magic square when turned to 180 degrees gives the same total of 24) and a Palindrome magic square (a number when read from left to right or right to left is the same).


You can take a look at the entire article here :  Link To Article