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God’s Magic square

Generally a magic square is a square of any size “n x n ” filled with numbers. And after filling the numbers the Vertical, Horzontal and both diagonal totals must be equal.

In general the row total will be smallest number added with the highest number and divided by two, and then multiplied by the number of rows.

This is the minimum condition for any magic square in general.

In this above single square Magic square,

The vertical total is ONE, the Horizontal total is ONE and both Diagonal totals are also ONE

Finally as per the total formula also, 1 + 1 = 2 / 2 = 1 x 1 = 1.

It is satisfying all the conditions of a magic square.

This is called as God’s Magic Square

Puzzling number Puzzles

There are many different kinds of puzzles for entertainment as well as to improve our knowledge as well.

In the above You have to write all numbers from 1 to 9 in the same arrangement and you can put any mathematical symbol as you know.

The result of the final format must be 100.

Remember. There are 320 different methods available.

Some of the solutions are given here for easy understanding.

Hope you will be finding this puzzle is very challenging and enjoyable.

Puzzle in a 4 x 4 Magic square

It is an interesting mind boggling puzzle.

There is a Magic square given in the left picture. In the right side picture all numbers are replaced by letters.

Normally all Horizontal, vertical and both diagonal totals are equal to 34

ie. A+B+C+D = 34, E+F+G+H = 34 etc….and A+E+P+W = 34 ….

Along with that if you select a set of four alphabets like E+H+R+Y =34.

E+F+R+S = 34 ……..

You can select so many sets of four numbers such that their total comes to 34. Remember there are around 80 different methods.

Try your best to get them

Palindromic Magic Square (விகடகவி மாயச் சதுரம்)

palindrome magic square

A palindrome is “a word, phrase, or sequence that reads the same backwards as forwards“, example madam

We have come up with a new idea of forming palindrome magic square with special feature of repeated numbers along the diagonals!

This is a sample 5 x 5 Palindrome Magic Square. We have also done the same for higher orders including 7 x 7, 11 x 11, and so on! Happy exploring!!

Note: விகடகவி மாயச் சதுரம் in Tamil means Palindrome Magic Square

Diabolic Magic Square

4 x 4 Diabolic Magic Square

The above 4 x 4 Magic square gives a total of 34 across all rows (horizontal), columns (vertical) and both diagonals. ( 4 + 4 + 2 = 10 methods)

Along with that, each distinctly colored 2 x 2 square will give a combined total of 34 each.

Additionally, the four corners, 4 middle numbers will give a total of 34.

We can select, 4 particular numbers and come with a total of 34 in more than 60 different ways.

Explore it for yourself and enjoy!!

Done a World’s biggest 1999 x 1999 Diamond inlaid magic square ( All numbers from 1 to 39,96,001 used) Example: 21 x 21 Diamond inlaid magic squares is given here. (With numbers 1 – 441 )

Diamond inlaid magic square is a very special magic square. It will have all odd numbers placed in the center in a Diamond shape and all even numbers distributed in four seperate triangular shape in the four corners.

In the above 21 x 21 diamond inlaid magic square, all the numbers from 1 to 441 are used. All the vertical, Horizontal and both diagonal totals are equal to 4641.

Surprisingly around the center number 221, all the diagonally opposite postioned numbers, and symetrically opposite positioned numbers will give a total of 442. There are 441 – 1 = 440 / 2 = 220. We can get it in 220 different methods.

I have done a 1999 x 1999 Diamond inlaid magic square in which all the numbers from 1 to 39,96,001 are used. All Horizontal, vertical and both diagonal totals will be 399,40,03,999. ( Three hundred ninty nine crores, forty lakhs, three thousand and nine hundred and ninety nine) or 3,994,003,999 ( Three Billion, 994 million, three thousand nine hundred and niniety nine)

Thanks to the Almighty for giving me the idea, guided me, till the final execution to make it a reality.