Hand Multiplication

Welcome to Hand-Multiplication!

Multiplication by hand-fingers is a novel, short-cut method for multiplication that will kindles the curiosity of children. This method is ususally not taught in the schools. But learning this will help you do your calculations quickly. Throughout my lectures atvarious schools across India, held at over more than 150 schools/ colleges/ Maths Clubs, involving more than 50,000 students, this is the best part which the students/ teachers of all ages enjoyed the most!

Hand Multiplication

Hand Multiplication

While the nine-table multiplication-by-hand-fingers attracts the lower classs students from 3rd to 6th standard, multiplication between a tables for 6 to 10 was very much appreciated by everyone.

Once understood, the students get so  excited that they start teaching this method to their friends.

Out of the 30+ news paper coverages about me in TamilNadu, Karnataka, Gujarat, New Delhi and other locations, (The Hindu, The new Indian Express, The Dailay Thanthi, Dinamalar, Dinamani, Gujarath Samachar, and others) the photograph of teaching the Hand-Multiplication has been printed many a times. The file picture is also about the same ony.

This part of the “FUN MATHS AND MIND GAMES” drives away the “MathPhobia” among the students and pulls them to use Maths in real life and can give students an edge over others when they are attending some competitions.

For Pairs from 6 to 10

Each fingers are given separate values as shown below:

Little fingers 6
Ring fingers 7
Middle fingers 8
Index fingers 9
Thumbs 10

Here is how we multiply : 8 X 9


  1. Hold both palms facing you, with all fingers in stretched position, horizontally, both thumbs upward.
  2. To multiply, take one number in left hand, and another in right hand, and stretch the fingers from the little finger upto that value only, and rest fingers to be folded towards the palm.
  3. To multiply 8 and 9, take 8 in the left hand and 9 in the right hand, and join the Left Middle finger (8), with the Right Index finger (9) (as shown in the image above).
  4. Fold the left thumb and index finger towards palm, and also right thumb
  5. Now COUNT the total fingers in stretched position (fingers joined in the top and below)
  6. (left three + right four =7 ) multiply it by 10 to get 70
  7. Count the leftover fingers in each hand separately (2,1)
  8. Multiply 2 X 1, you will get 2
  9. Add the total from Step 6 and Step 8 above, we get 70 + 2 = 72, the required answer for 8 x 9 = 72 …

I hope you will find these information useful.