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Sudoku is one among the latest crazy puzzle followed by many people throughout the world.

Worldwide the sudoku is being played with Numbers 1 to 9.

I have done so many different kinds of sudokus.

Diagonal sudoku

Multiplication sudoku

Diamond shaped sudoku

Zero sudoku

Fractional Sudoku

Encrypted Sudoku

and Sudoku for year

This sudoku 1953 satisfies all conditions of normal sudoku.

All the 3 x 3 small squares will give a total of 1953. All vertical, all Horizontal and additionally BOTH DIAGONAL totals are also gives 1953


Many different kinds of magic squares available throughout the world.

Upside down Magic square is one among them.

If you view this as shown below, this magic square will give a total of 24 in all Vertical, Horizontal and both Diagonal.

If you turn to 180 degree ( upside down) and then also it will give the same total of 24 in all Vertical, Horizontal and both diagonals.

I have done a 120 x 120 upside down Magic square.


There are so many other mind boggling games in the Chess Board, other than playing chess.

Some of the puzzles are given below

In a 8 x 8 Chess Board, you can put a maximum of 8 Queens ( each one is to be treated with the power of QUEEN).

One of the position is given below. There are 8 Queens available and check and satisfy by yourself that they are not cutting each other .

Believe. There are 92 different methods available. Try by yourself to find out more methods. Enjoy the new experience

64 knight(Horse) movement in a chess board. It is one of the hardest puzzles that can be solved by the Human Brain.

It is very tough to do, but it is possible.

Draw a 8 x 8 squares in a paper with Ballpoint pen and start writing 1,2,3 etc with a pencil. Start number one anywhere and continue the next number in a knight move method, till you are reaching 64.

See the magical thing in the picture given below. In the outer ring all the diagonally opposite numbers are having a difference of 6. Also in the second inner ring also the diagonally opposite numbers are giving a difference of 6 excepting 10 and 64

Some of my students ( Eighth Standard – 13 years) in Madurai have done more than 10 different methods. You can find infinite ways of doing this. Best wishes.


There are eight pieces available in the first row of the Chess Board.

They are One King, One Queen, two Bishop (camel) and two Knight (Horse) and two Rook (Elephant).

With these Eight pieces, when placed in some proper positions, they will guard all the sixty four squares with their own power. Please check and satisfy by yourself.

Once again, there are so many different methods available. Try to do it more and more methods

64 King move in a chess Board and 8 x 8 Magic square

In the following chess board, one King starts from number one and make 64 moves and completes his journey without any break.

Finally, if you add the numbers it will give a total of 260 in all vertical, Horizontal and both diagonals. Yes. It is a 8 x 8 Magic square also.

Try for other methods also.

God’s Magic square

Generally a magic square is a square of any size “n x n ” filled with numbers. And after filling the numbers the Vertical, Horzontal and both diagonal totals must be equal.

In general the row total will be smallest number added with the highest number and divided by two, and then multiplied by the number of rows.

This is the minimum condition for any magic square in general.

In this above single square Magic square,

The vertical total is ONE, the Horizontal total is ONE and both Diagonal totals are also ONE

Finally as per the total formula also, 1 + 1 = 2 / 2 = 1 x 1 = 1.

It is satisfying all the conditions of a magic square.

This is called as God’s Magic Square

Puzzling number Puzzles

There are many different kinds of puzzles for entertainment as well as to improve our knowledge as well.

In the above You have to write all numbers from 1 to 9 in the same arrangement and you can put any mathematical symbol as you know.

The result of the final format must be 100.

Remember. There are 320 different methods available.

Some of the solutions are given here for easy understanding.

Hope you will be finding this puzzle is very challenging and enjoyable.

Puzzle in a 4 x 4 Magic square

It is an interesting mind boggling puzzle.

There is a Magic square given in the left picture. In the right side picture all numbers are replaced by letters.

Normally all Horizontal, vertical and both diagonal totals are equal to 34

ie. A+B+C+D = 34, E+F+G+H = 34 etc….and A+E+P+W = 34 ….

Along with that if you select a set of four alphabets like E+H+R+Y =34.

E+F+R+S = 34 ……..

You can select so many sets of four numbers such that their total comes to 34. Remember there are around 80 different methods.

Try your best to get them